by Cookie Blue

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"Trippy" is a small album consisting of 12 short songs about drugs and some of the people that use them. And a hidden recipe.
Special thanks to Nick Soma for his contributions.


released August 30, 2016

All songs by Cookie Blue, except Bouncy, Chill Out and High by Nick Soma and Cookie Blue.




Cookie Blue Vöcklabruck, Austria

living room based singer-songwriter, percussionist, vegetable-shaker-ist; most probably never going to grow up.

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Track Name: Boring
All the same
All the day
All the bad news
On their way
All the time
All my life
All my body
Hates today
Every week
Every month
Every year
Nothing happens

I am so bored
Alone in my bed
I must have turned around
A thousand times
I'm still alive
Nothing seems to help me
I don't have fun
I need a better kick than this

Every geek
Every goth
Everybody has something to do
Every week
Every month
Every year
Nothing happens.
Track Name: The Deal
Candy, the teacher's daughter
Went to school with a friend of mine
Told him to meet her under
Boxtown bridge at times
She was a crappy student
But she isn't dumb at all
Knows how to make the most of
Spraypaint and a wall

I looked up her dad
I was feeling kinda bad
And I found the address in the book
I went down to the house
When nobody was around
And I saw her and the little pills she took

Candy, the teacher's daughter
Went to school with a friend of mine
Told me to meet her under
Boxtown bridge at the usual time
She was not a happy girl
But grinning quite insane
Promising I gave my money
For the thing I craved.
Track Name: Party Underwater
I.... am floating on a wave of energy
Bright... the happy lights
Party on until eternity
I am immortal.
Track Name: Morphium
Yesterday I woke up
In a white room
I was dressed in white
But was neither bride nor groom
Their were cables connecting me
To a little screen
Detecting all the factors
That mostly are unseen
I felt quite good
But I think I couldn't move
All my bones were crushed
Must have jumped from a roof.
Track Name: Chill Out
Don't move so fast
You have a funny voice
Can I have a bar of chocolate?
Peace is a choice
Don't leave yet
You have a funny head
Have you been talking to me
Or are you a usual cat?

Chill out
Love your brothers,
Sisters, friends and teddy bears
Chill out
Love your brothers,
Sisters, friends and teddy bears

Don't be so scared
You sure need to relax
Have you never thought of building
Up your own business?
Don't go to work
That officer will see
What a friendly guy you are
All your heart is free
Track Name: Loser
Sometimes I am proud to have
Survived my life so far
Sometimes I think of my sister
How different we are
She is a busy lady
Working hard to get along
A caring mom and loving wife
At 25 years young

I am just a junkie
And I turn my chances down
Mother must be dead worried
Father loads his gun
No perspective
No ideals, no story to be told
I'm a failure younger brother
Won't live to be old

Then again I am a loser
All my buddies say
Don't have the balls to swallow shit
My girlfriend thinks I'm gay
Someday I will die or wait
For an epiphany
Maybe next week a will quit
Don't waste your time with me
Track Name: Franky
Franky was a dreamer
And his visions came to life
Under average suspicion
It was hard to realize
From the crumbs inside his bedroom
To the ceiling and the door
All the air was filled with ether
And the birds they sang no more

But he was not alone
He had friends in his head
When you are gone
His day won't end
He was not alone
There are friends in the air
When we are gone
The dream is still there

One day Franky vanished
But guess where he returned
On the edge of town he killed
The zombies, how they burned
His visions had materialized
A mask obscured his face
How long before he's turning bad
How long before he'll break?
Track Name: Trial Tips
Pee into that bottle
But I pour apple juice
It always works out nice.

Shave your head.
Have a cat.
Don't drive under the influence of your girl, your mom or your local candyman.
Track Name: Sexy
Hey Baby
Watcha doin'
So alone this time of day?
Hey won't you
Take a drink
From old me okay?
You're so sexy
I've been watching you
You sure a lonely girl
Come on
I'll show you alligator
I know you want it
You're not shy, are ya?
Come on
This bastard won't fuck you another time
You're mine! Mine! This girl is mine!
Track Name: Coffeemaker
Beep, beep
Fuck that alarm
Grab a lucky charm
Get up
Have a bun put a watch onto the arm
Have a shower, brush my teeth
Wash outside and underneith
Oh my god, my head
I slept as if I was dead
Can you remember anything?
I'm late to that meeting
Two pills, tie, suit
Fill cup, clean shoes.
Coffee, life returns.
Life returns, after such a crazy night
Life returns to me, it's a daily fight
I don't wanna get up, but I got a job to do
To earn me money to party
What else should I do?
And on the weekends I act as if I don't care
'Cause it's cool
And my coffeemaker saved my life again.
Track Name: High
Track Name: Bouncy
Boing boing boing boing boing
My thoughts turn
Work work hard, jump jumpstart
Boing boing boing boing boing

Drink, eat, swallow
Song, dance, hallow
Eyesocket, Sockpuppet
Knitting, Dancing, Fun

Boing boing boing boing boing
I won't return
I can work all day long
All night long
Boing boing boing boing boing

Jump up sit down
I'm tired out now
One take no nap
Burning Brain

Boing boing boing boing boing
Pages turn
Study hard what's left to learn
No sleep now got a lot to do
Boing boing boing boing boing